Teams are eligible to become members of the league when all required fees have been paid and all roster forms have been completed.  Incomplete rosters and rosters that have not been filled out accurately will not be accepted.

Submit check or money to S.D.A.B.L. Please refer to home page for more details.

Once registration fees have been paid, no refunds will be given, unless the City cancels the league.



All players must be 18 years of age.  High school basketball players are not allowed to participate in leagues during the school year. If playing in an age specific league you must meet the age guidelines.

Players may only play on one team in the recreation leagues. The exception will to prevent a forfeit. Notify the league director if you plan on playing on another team to prevent a forfeit.

All players must sign the team roster before participating in any scheduled game.  A forfeit may be called if any team is found to be using a player that has not signed the team roster.

League officials can restrict an individual from participating due to an injury that could become worse with further play.

No player(s) will be allowed to participate when intoxicated.



Each team may carry a maximum of twelve (12) players and a minimum of six (6) players.

Rosters need to be completed accurately. Players must sign the roster next to thier printed name. Roster must be resubmitted if done incorrectly.

Players may be added up to week five of the regular season and must play 4 regular season games to qualify for playoffs.  All players added to the roster during the season must report to the scorekeeper prior to game time and sign the original team roster.  The original team roster will be at the gymnasium with the scorekeeper.



Uniformed jerseys, similar in color with printed decaled or silk screened numbers on the back or front are required.  

4 point technical foul will be issued for any team not having a player that has a legal jersey.        

If Team/Player continue to ignore uniform/jersey policy. Player/Team may not be eligible for playoffs.



Forfeiting team is required to pay the game official’s fee on the spot (total of $80.00 for both teams). Forfeit fees must be paid to league director within 48 hours. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in the team being eliminated from further play. Teams must contact League Diector 24 hours prior to scheduled game time. To avoid being charged forfeit fee.

If a team forfeits two (2) games in a season, the team will be dropped from the league.

In the event of a double forfeit, both teams are responsible for paying their respective official’s fees according to the above policy, $40.00 within 48 hours.  Both teams will also receive one loss.



For a player to be eligible for playoffs, they must have competed in four games and have played in a game before the first half of the season. (Teams Must Have .500 Record or Better to Qualify)

Playoff qualifiers and seeding will be determined by:

1.      Season Record

2.      Tie Breaker

a)      Head to head record

b)      Wins vs. higher seeded teams

c)      Margin of victory in head to head

3.      Teams agreeing to a play-in game are possible



Official rules, as set forth by the NCAA will be used with the exception of any local league rules. 5 second closely guarded rule in enforced.

Game Times: start when scheduled, there will be a grace period of 5 minutes if players are running late. Any game that starts at 10 minutes past the scheduled start time may have game time reduced for the first half.

A team must have a minimum of  four eligible players present at game time in order to begin play.

The official score book will be maintained by the scorekeeper.  The score book is the official record of the score.

Games will consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves, running clock with the exception of time outs.  There will be regulation time, the last two minutes of the second half.  If the point spread is fifteen (15) points or greater, the clock will continue to run for the remainder of that half.

Overtime periods are two (2) minutes, with the last 30 seconds regulation time. Triple overtime will be sudden death; no clock. Will be determined by first basket scored.

Time Outs: Each team will receive four time outs per game.  Time outs will be 45 seconds each.

Overtime:  One time out will be issued for each overtime period.  Overtime is an extension of the second half.  Unused time outs from the second half may not be used in the overtime periods.

Personal Fouls: Players foul out after their Fifth (5) personal foul. If a team runs out of players to sub in for or the team only has five players. A player with five personal fouls may remain on the floor, but every personal foul committed by a player that has exceeded his limit will result in a technical foul. This will result in two shots and ball for the opposing team.



Each team is responsible for paying referee fees of $40 (cash) prior to the start of the game.

A game may be refereed by one referee in case of an emergency with the agreement of both managers.  In the case that referees fail to appear for a scheduled game, the game will be postponed and the affected teams will have the rescheduled game refereed at no cost to those teams.



All jewelry must be removed.  Wedding/religious bands may be exempted, but must be covered with athletic tape.



Unsportsmanlike Like Behavior – There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY !!

At any time lay a hand upon, push, strike or threaten to strike an official.

Use abusive verbal attacks upon any staff, official, player or spectator.

Use physical attacks upon any staff, official, player or spectator.

Participate in any game if that player has been determined to have been drinking alcoholic beverages or is suspected of taking drugs.

Any violations of these rules will constitute immediate player ejection from the game and suspension from the league. Player must leave the premises immediately or team will forfeit game and possible team removal from league.



If a player is ejected from a game twice in one season, the second ejection will result in a mandatory 3 game suspension or potential expulsion from the league from the league.

Any player who physically abuses a player, official, spectator, site supervisor or league official will be banned from participation in adult sports within, and can be legally prosecuted for assault.  Letter will be sent to directors of other leagues informing them of the incident and City of San Diego attorney.

Any team guilty of badgering or threatening officials, a City of San Diego employee or another player will be removed from the league and banned from further league play.

Any individual who verbally abuses (use of foul language, yelling, taunting, etc.) officials, a City of San Diego employee, or another player will be suspended from play for a length of time as determined by the league director.

Please remember this is a recreational activity intended for exercise and enjoyment.  It is expected that all teams conduct themselves accordingly.


Technical Foul Rule

Anytime a player(s) on the court receives a technical foul; he must sit out for 3 minutes, the official can have the player sit longer or have player leave the game for the rest of the half if necessary.

Technical fouls count as personal fouls and team fouls.

Player(s) receiving two (2) technical fouls will be ejected from the game. One game suspension possible for ejection.

Player(s) receiving three (3) technical fouls in a season will be suspended a minimum of one game.

Player(s) will not be allowed to hang on the rim.  Player(s) who hang on the rim will be assessed a technical foul for each offense.